Monday, December 28, 2015


Online or the internet is one best place you can sell anything. If you are able to design and create a digital product, it is a place you can sell for 24 hours whiles even you are asleep. This is a platform you can sell without closing, even after normal office or market hours have closed. You could make money even when you are on vacation. One of the best selling digital products is Electronic Book (e-book). If you are trying to penetrate the online market with e-book; then I must say you should find a niche that trend always on the internet. When you are able to write an e-book that has a high search rate, then I can assure you that you could sell tremendously well and make money in a short time. Some of the topics that sell are as follows:
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1.       DATING
In every hour, every minute, every second, people all round the world are on the internet finding more information about dating. They want to find out about how to get a date, sustain a date, how to court in a relationship, getting married, wedding tips, honey tips etc. If you have any knowledge concerning anything about dating; you can write an e-book with it and you could be on your way to a residual income. Concentrate and get to know where your interest in dating is and write an e-book with it. If you have passion about dating and you want to share it with the world in the form of an e- book. That is good for your success.

Talk about the unemployment rate around the world especially in third world countries, it’s enormous. So many people now try to find a way to make money on the internet for a living. They want to know the possible means to make some eligible income online without any trouble. By writing an e-book showing ways of making money online; will be a great way to sell and make money your self. A friend has an e-book on how to sell other people’s product online and he making a reasonable amount of money monthly.

Comparing of the world’s major currencies is Forex Trading. You could buy and sell currencies to make profit. Many top class people such as Bank Managers, Officers in high offices, Accountants, brokers, Auditors, Banking Tellers, Supervisors, Lecturers, students, the unemployed, just to mention a few. All these class of people are doing Forex Trading. Some people too have heard about Forex Trading but they have less information about how to even start. So if you could write an e-book about Forex trading; you are on your way to success. Write an e-book and provide all the necessary information about Forex Trading and you could be on your way to the top.

Social Media is part of the trend technology is taking us to. You cannot go and leave out Social Media. It is a platform for bringing people all over the globe together. The viral nature of Social media has made it easy to spread information. The information age is realized through Social Media. Whatever you want to do is achievable through the Social Media, being Facebook, Twitter, Istagram, Whatsapp, LinkedIn and others. So if you are abreast with Social Media Platforms, then you can write an e-book to sell online.

Going on a vacation is part of our working routine. Except that you do not want to travel. There are more places of interest around the world. Many people want to go on vacation with their families but as to where to go, sometimes become a problem. Choosing a place to stay is a problem. Either to go to a hotel or to have a home stay, whether to camp in a forest or on the mountains. These are all examples of problems that confront travelers. So if you have an e-book that has solutions to such problems, I bet, you are going to sell well on the internet.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015


To write an e-book, you need to put things like the topic you want to write about into consideration. When everything is in order and you finish writing your e-book. The next important step is to find a website with remarkable traffic so that you can sell your e-book. There are so many websites that sells e-books. But you need to the ones that are trusted and have been in business for long time. This will help avoid websites that have been in the system for a short time and cannot stay for a longer time. Your e-book will not get lost or getting off the internet. Some of them are as follow:
1.       AMAZON
First of all, one of the longest reigning websites for selling books and eBook in particular is Amazon. They have been in existence for such a long time. They have been in business for couple of decades now and they know what they are doing. They know how to sell eBooks for great result. By giving them the node to sell your eBook is a perfect one. You can trust them to sell your book for you.

2.       CLICKBANK
Secondly, a website which is well known for selling eBooks is ClickBank. Most Authors do not sell their eBook anywhere except on the Clickbank website. It provides a platform for both Authors and readers alike to meet. Whiles readers are buying their favorite eBooks online, Authors are also loading their eBooks for sale.  They also have remarkable flow of traffic to help you sell to huge number of people. They also have a system whereby affiliate marketers come in and sell the book they like to others for a commission. This could be very helpful in selling your eBooks.

3.       EBAY
Again, Ebay as we all know, have been in the selling business for quite a long time now. They have also exhibited their capability and capacity through numerous reviews from their customers all over the world. They know what time is it in the selling business. Loading your eBook for sale on EBay can go a long way to help you sell and make money for your pocket provided the eBook is of the taste of customers. You could even get referrers from those who have read your eBook and sounds well to them.

4.       FACEBOOK
Last but not least, you can also sell your eBooks to your friends and people online through Facebook. This is a great platform that has an uncountable number of people coming on for socialization on daily basis. A least 3 of 5 people you call on the street have a Facebook account. So you are assured of traffic. But here, you need to have your own landing page of your eBook. Again, you need to open a page on Facebook for your eBook landing page. Here, you can go on the page anything you want to exhibit the Url of your eBook landing page so as to get traffic to your site. By so doing, you get more buyers or customers.

5.       TWITTER
Lastly, another website which you can get reasonable number of clicks is Twitter. It has been there for a while and it is still gaining popularity. Most people have a Twitter Account. There is a lot of traffic flow there and I can recommend it to you to sell your eBook. Get a Twitter accounts first, if you do not have one. Here too you need to have a landing website page for your eBook, so that you could post your Url from time to time to get traffic and to get people’s attention of your book.

Have the best and sell more.

Friday, December 11, 2015


You may want to write an e-book, but it depends on what exactly you want. Some one may want to write an e-book for the fun of it, others would like to write it for free. But here we are talking about an e-book that sells. To get an e- book that really sells, there are some things you need to take into consideration. Before writing an E-Book, not just an e-book but the one that sells, you should have your readers in mind. Be in the shoes of your readers and see if the information will be very relevant. If you are able to do that, then you will be able to sell and satisfy your readers too. The top 5 ways of writing an e-book that sells are as follows.
First of all, the most important thing you need to consider when writing an e-book that sells is the title it. The content of the whole e-book depends on the title. This title of your e-book speaks for it self.  With just a catchy title, your book is on its way to sell massively. Come out with simple and meaningful title that attracts well. A title, that sticks like glue. A good title that, when someone reads but cannot erase from the memory bank of the brain.

Here, the e-book you are writing should be based on a story. Find a story to associate your e-book with. Making your e-book sound like a story really sells, because the story you are telling can meets someone’s own or personal story that they really want solutions to. Do it in such a way that the story is perfect and inspiring. Stories are all round us. Day in day out stories comes out, for it is said in an adage that, a new day without the happening of an event is prohibited. This simply means, there is not a new day without news.

Many of the people who surfs the web around the world are trying to find solution to a particular problem they incurring.  Writing an e-book that really sells well on the internet should be a problem solving one. It should be an e- book that solves problems around your area, country and probably the world at large. There are uncountable problems persisting around the globe, being sanitation, health, food and hygiene or relationship. This is where you have find a field you are good at and come out with solutions to problems of it. By, so doing, you are on your way to sell well on the internet.

Last but not least, do not start writing an e-book without having a key word search on the topic. The writing should emphases on the key word of the topic. It will help searchers to easily find your e-book. Working well on your keyword formation will let your book sell continuously. Let the e-book be a search engine user friendly. Form your keyword well to enable you to have a best selling e-book.

Lastly, People want to read some thing new and fresh on a daily basis. Fresh content will help your e-book to sell and spread like wild fires in the woods and mountains. Write from within and from imaginations. Relax your mind and bring out the best in you. It should be genuine and original. Do not copy and paste. Be creative enough to come out with your own version of the e-book and you could be on your way to sell online.