Tuesday, December 22, 2015


To write an e-book, you need to put things like the topic you want to write about into consideration. When everything is in order and you finish writing your e-book. The next important step is to find a website with remarkable traffic so that you can sell your e-book. There are so many websites that sells e-books. But you need to the ones that are trusted and have been in business for long time. This will help avoid websites that have been in the system for a short time and cannot stay for a longer time. Your e-book will not get lost or getting off the internet. Some of them are as follow:
1.       AMAZON
First of all, one of the longest reigning websites for selling books and eBook in particular is Amazon. They have been in existence for such a long time. They have been in business for couple of decades now and they know what they are doing. They know how to sell eBooks for great result. By giving them the node to sell your eBook is a perfect one. You can trust them to sell your book for you.

2.       CLICKBANK
Secondly, a website which is well known for selling eBooks is ClickBank. Most Authors do not sell their eBook anywhere except on the Clickbank website. It provides a platform for both Authors and readers alike to meet. Whiles readers are buying their favorite eBooks online, Authors are also loading their eBooks for sale.  They also have remarkable flow of traffic to help you sell to huge number of people. They also have a system whereby affiliate marketers come in and sell the book they like to others for a commission. This could be very helpful in selling your eBooks.

3.       EBAY
Again, Ebay as we all know, have been in the selling business for quite a long time now. They have also exhibited their capability and capacity through numerous reviews from their customers all over the world. They know what time is it in the selling business. Loading your eBook for sale on EBay can go a long way to help you sell and make money for your pocket provided the eBook is of the taste of customers. You could even get referrers from those who have read your eBook and sounds well to them.

4.       FACEBOOK
Last but not least, you can also sell your eBooks to your friends and people online through Facebook. This is a great platform that has an uncountable number of people coming on for socialization on daily basis. A least 3 of 5 people you call on the street have a Facebook account. So you are assured of traffic. But here, you need to have your own landing page of your eBook. Again, you need to open a page on Facebook for your eBook landing page. Here, you can go on the page anything you want to exhibit the Url of your eBook landing page so as to get traffic to your site. By so doing, you get more buyers or customers.

5.       TWITTER
Lastly, another website which you can get reasonable number of clicks is Twitter. It has been there for a while and it is still gaining popularity. Most people have a Twitter Account. There is a lot of traffic flow there and I can recommend it to you to sell your eBook. Get a Twitter accounts first, if you do not have one. Here too you need to have a landing website page for your eBook, so that you could post your Url from time to time to get traffic and to get people’s attention of your book.

Have the best and sell more.

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